Project Profile

Polyglotte is a mobile app that is used to help people to learn new vocabulary and help them to memorize the words.
The app is designed for everybody and can be used anywhere at anytime.


Learning a new language can be a tough one. For some it can be like deciphering a code. Don’t worry! Polyglotte is here to help you learning, comprehending, and memorizing the new words, so you won’t feel stranger anymore when you’re traveling to places, where you don’t speak the language.

My Role

UX/UI Lead Designer with responsibilities ranging from conception, analysis, and research to visual design and testing.

Project Duration

May 2020

Project Statement

Communication is the first thing to be considered as one of the keys to connect with other people. And it refers to the language. Learning a new language is one of the learning process of integrating to a culture of one area.
For some people, learning a new language can be a real struggle. That being said, besides the strong will, a good language learning support is also needed to help people achieve their goal of comprehending a new language.


Creating an app, which can provide not only vocabularies, but also some features to help users comprehending the grammar and at the same time work as a study buddy or a native mentor after the users have reached a certain level. So, the users can cope with their foreign language issue.

Potential Solutions

• Creating language learning tasks with several level achievements.
• Providing a dictionary and a bookmark feature to save the searched words or the words that need to be memorized more intensively.
• Easy registration app. (Additional)

Check out the clickable prototype here: