InkTank – Tattoo Journey Assistant

Project Profile

InkTank is a mobile web app that is used to find the nearby tattoo artists and give the users the tattoo design inspirations. The app is designed for clients and artists as well. It also acts as the tattoo assistant in terms of booking an appointment and connect the clients with the artists through direct messaging feature.


Ever think about getting your first tattoo or even adding another one, but you are not sure which one would be the best for you or where the tattoo would sit on your body?
Ink Tank will help you to guide of getting the right one. It also connects you to your nearby tattoo artists and you can have a chat with them first to make sure they are the right artist for you and make a booking.

My Role

UX/UI Lead Designer with responsibilities ranging from conception, analysis, and research to visual design and testing.

Project Duration

June-September 2020


Check out the clickable prototype here: